Faber-Castell STUDIO CADDY Design Memory Craft 770308

770308 /22.0 /
Please note that customers outside of the USA are asked to pay an additional $15 surcharge for shipping this item overseas and a $10 surcharge to ship to Canada.

This Studio Caddy has enough room to hold ALL your Design Memory Craft products- and more!
Each opening is approx 2 inches x 2 inches
The back row measures approx 5 inches tall while the front row measures approx 2 inches tall
The total length is approx 12 inches while the total width is approx 8 inches

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Crafters can now design their crafts with the ease of knowing that their colors and mediums will work beautifully together. With pre-selected color coordinated palettes and a variety of unique mixed media mediums, it has never been easier to Mix & Match your colors and mediums.