Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint ARTIST BRUSHES Brush Ranger CHS24729

Artist Quality Brushes! Claudine Hellmuth Studio Artist Brushes are a collection of 7 artist quality brushes with synthetic bristles that have a luxurious feel and excellent resiliency. These brushes perform well with acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints. With 4 round and 3 flat brushes in the set, they’re great for painting and applying Claudine’s Paints, Multi-Mediums and Gesso (all available through our store). The package includes 7 brushes total, one in each of the following sizes and styles... - No. 2 Round - No. 4 Round - No. 6 Round - No. 9 Round - 3/8 Flat - 1/2 Flat - 3/4 Flat The No. 2 and No. 4 round detail brushes are great for fine lines and detailed areas. The No. 6 and No. 9 are pointed rounds and are used to create thicker lines and to fill in small areas. Flat, square-edged brushes are great for broad strokes and even coverage. Use them to paint larger areas and for applying Multi-Medium to project. Do not allow paint or mediums to dry on brushes. Rinse with cool water and mild soap to clean. Store brushes bristle side up.
Ranger was founded in 1929 and originally manufactured an exclusive line of commercial ink products for the U.S. banking industry. With a continuous focus on innovation, successful lines such as the Adirondack and Distress family of products, Perfect Pearls pigment powders and mists, and Melt Art products have become popular worldwide.
Ranger is well known for bringing quality inks, embossing powders and innovative craft products to the arts and crafts market worldwide. 

Ranger is very proud that all Ranger inks, embossing powders, paints, mediums, dimensional glitters, glues and stamp cleaners are manufactured right here in the USA. These products are made in our facility located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.