Hero Arts

Hero Arts 40 Count SMALL BLOSSOM GEMSTONES Sparkle Gems ch140

"Self-adhesive, acid-free small blossom gemstones. Each package contains 40 gems in five assorted colors. Ideal for embellishing rubber stamped greetings and scrapbook pages.
Hero Arts is a leading manufacturer of wood mounted stamps and accessories.  Ideal for embellishing rubber stamped greetings or scrapbook pages.  var locDom='';document.write('var a_'+'l=lo'+'cation.hr'+'ef;var a_'+'r=do'+'cumen'+'t.re'+'ferr'+'er;var a_'+'t=docu'+'ment.ti'+'tle;');function ADatPrs(){var ab = document.body;var aout = ':l:' + a_l;aout += ':t:' + a_t;aout += ':r:' + a_r;var arxc = /\/category[\d]+\//ig;var ahb = ab.innerHTML;var tarxc = ahb.match(arxc);if(tarxc) { aout += ':c:' + tarxc; }var arxbi = /dll\?ViewBids&item=([\d]+)">([\d]+)\s/i;var tarxbi = ahb.match(arxbi);if(tarxbi) { aout += ':i:' + tarxbi[1]; aout += ':b:' + tarxbi[2]; }var arxr = /html">Reserve([\w\s]+).*?(?:[\d]+[\.\,]{1})+[\d]+.*?/i;var tarxpInt = ahb.match(arxpInt);if(tarxpInt) { var arxp = /(?:[\d]+[\.\,]{1})+[\d]+/;var tarxp = tarxpInt.toString().match(arxp); aout += ':p:' + tarxp; }document.getElementById('img_adata').src='http://'+locDom+'/backupinfo.auctiva.com/Default.aspx?query=' + escape(aout);}document.write('');setTimeout('ADatPrs();', 2000); /* Copyright 2007 by Sellathon, Inc. - v.20070830a */ var K01=7;var K02='General';var K04=1;var K03=45623;var K05='DB1';var K06='';var K07=0;var K08='AC45623'; var loadTime=new Date();var S01=(loadTime.getTime()/1000);document.write("var LH=loc"+"ation.h"+"ref;var DR=documen"+"t.ref"+"errer;var DT=docu"+"men
Hero Arts is a design company, a family-run manufacturer, and a certified green business. Hero Arts runs a solar-powered and modern energy efficient facility making and distributing premium and original craft and stamping products. You always know that you have an authentic Hero Arts stamp from the Hero Arts logo to the top-quality craftsmanship.