Tim Holtz Idea-ology

Tim Holtz Idea-ology NUMERALS Number Metal Hardware with Brads th92842 *

th92842 /1.4
An Embellishment With Character!
Tim Holtz has designed these fabulous embellishments! Numbers have special character and meaning. Some of us find luck in numbers, or maybe they have a signifigance for an age or a year of your life. Whatever your reasons are, numbers can define a moment and set a stage fo you to tell your story (or maybe you are just like Tim Holtz and think numbers just look cool on stuff!).

The Numerals measure approximately 1.5"(with the exception of the "1/2" which measures 2"). The package includes 11 numbers (1 of each number 1/2 thru 0) and 22 fasteners, all in a nickel finish.

Designed and used by Tim Holtz!

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