7 Gypsies

7 Gypsies INDUSTRIAL GEARS Metal 12595

12595 /1.8 /41B
A collection inspired by gears and timepieces one might find in the drawers of a watchmaker. Use as charms or embellishments to add some vintage-industrial-chic to a project.  Each package contains 14 pieces.  The smallest measures approximately 0.5 inches and the largest measures approximately 1.25 inches.

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A bit of gypsy background... The big white van that we were driving was shunned by all other drivers... Villagers cut a wide berth when we rolled into town to buy bread and pastries. we didnt know why... Then one day we had to stop at the head of a long line of traffic, as a row of white vans just like ours, drove out of a field where they had been camping, and we realized they were gypsies... and we were in the caravan, holding up the traffic, helping our fellow gypsies move camp... how we got our name? We turned to each other and said, Were gypsies in a gypsy van! ... There were 7 of us in the van and there were 7 children in the family and were on the road the whole summer before us.