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Prima Flowers INNOSCENCE 546007 White

6 pieces per bag, measuring approx. 1.75" in diameter each. Various flower styles all made of white mulberry paper. Some of these have soft frayed edges, while other clean cut petals. Some are molded into dimensional roses while others flatter and round. Various center styles such as a simple pearl, some with beaded pearls and others with stamen.

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Prima is all about flowers...and now we are even more! As scrapbooking evolves and changes into an exciting art form, Prima, the established leader in flower embellishments, always offers the most exciting and innovative floral-themed products to craft retailers worldwide. Season after season, Prima introduces artisans and crafters to a huge collection of the best flower styles for scrapbook embellishments ever made. We use a wide variety of materials to create these floral masterpieces, from mulberry paper to luxury fabrics of all types. Our flowers are hand-made by skilled artisans, never by machine, in processes than ensure the finest quality and craftsmanship available.