Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants BLACK Brag Book 1378*

1378 /22.0
How awesome is this book to store and share your favorite moments!?
This unique product was designed with the busiest of scrapbookers in mind! This book has everything you need to store your most cherished memories!
-The cover is chipboard and you can decorate and personalize it exactly how you'd like!
-The spiral binding makes it easy to open wide and decorate each entire page.
-There are 50 scrapping and journaling pages!
-15 2 slot photo sleeves (holds up to 60 photos!)
-15 pocket pages!

The pockets make it so easy to keep things without having to spend a lot of time arranging every item onto a page! They're also great so you can keep collections of things to scrap later on one of the journaling pages!

This book is approx 7 1/2 inches x 9 inches

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With their combined knowledge, Jodi {the creative person} and Jared {the business person} took a chance on a dream and founded their own unique company.

Fancy Pants Designs premiered their first collections to the craft and hobby industry in the Winter of 2005. What started as a home-based business quickly flourished into an exciting opportunity of bringing creative ideas to life in many different mediums.

We are proud to offer high quality designs for a variety of industries through the production and licensing of original artwork. With a group of creative directors, talented designers and experienced staff, Fancy Pants Designs continues to provide the latest and greatest designs to crafters worldwide.