Faber-Castell RED Art GRIP Color Pencils 770131*

770131 / 1.9
Art GRIP Color Pencils are unlike other color pencils with their fully loaded pigments, unique soft-GRIP barrel, and thicker break-resistant leads that are glued the entire length of the barrel! If you have ever had pencil lead break repeatedly, you will appreciate this valuable quality feature!
Art GRIP Color Pencils are also uniquely formulated without the heavy wax filler used by other brands. With Faber-Castell Art GRIP Color Pencils you can add layer upon layer of smooth blended colors with no fear of waxy build-up or wax "bloom" that surfaces over time.
Use Art GRIP Color Pencils to color in stamped images, hand letter in color, doodle, outline text or images, and as a color addition to all of your mixed media projects!
As you create, you will be glad to know that Art GRIP Color Pencils are also friendly to the earth. Over 80% of these pencils are produced from reforested wood and the varnish on the barrels is an eco-friendly water-based lacquer first developed by Faber-Castell.

Mix and Match makes designing with color simple! Choose a color set that inspires you, choose a medium, mix and match as you create! Color coordinated palettes give you the freedom to design your project knowing the colors will work beautifully together. Perfect for all your design, memory, and craft projects!

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Crafters can now design their crafts with the ease of knowing that their colors and mediums will work beautifully together. With pre-selected color coordinated palettes and a variety of unique mixed media mediums, it has never been easier to Mix & Match your colors and mediums.