Hemptique LIGHT BLUE Hemp Cord Twine

Hemptique Natural Hemp Cord is a preferred choice for crafts, including jewelry-making, scrapbooking, handmade greeting cards, gardening and more. Hemp Cord is a naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to cotton and synthetic cordage! The dyes that are used are eco-friendly and azo-free!
What a great way to make cards and projects even more special- with not only beautiful cord but also helping the Earth!

This spool is approx 4 inches x 1 inch (with cord on it) and the weight of the cord is 10lb
This spool has approx 205 feet of hemp twine
Note: spool is brighter/a shade lighter in person than in picture
The Hemptique line consists of natural fiber cords, twines, and other accessories. We innovate in the modern use of eco-friendly hemp with constant product development and private label production. The very best of our ideas are carried into production with our Hemptique brand products.