Scotch 3M

3M Scotch PINK ATG ADVANCED TAPE GLIDER .25 Inch Adhesive Glue Gun CAT 085

CAT 085
The Pink Advanced Tape Glider (ATG) comes with 2 rolls of 0.25 inch photo safe/acid free tape (36 yards each).  

This unique system uses a reverse-wind adhesive roll with liner so as the tape is applied to the surface, the liner simultaneously rewinds into the applicator. A touch of a finger triggers a quick, controlled application of pressure-sensitive tape for a precise and consistent bond line with a clean, no-strings break. Includes two 0.25 inch rolls of photo safe and acid free, permanent tape.

The size of the Scotch ATG Gun is kind of large (approximately 9.50 inches tall), but it was designed to be lightweight, ergonomic and very well balanced.  And good is very hard to lose it in your craft room - HEE HEE!  Anyone who uses one says they will never go back to any other tape runner, even crafters with arthritis!!  The amount of money you will save on tape refills will quickly replace the cost of the ATG Gun itself.  Now's the time to get one and change your crafty world forever!!!

UPC: 051115642586

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