Krylon EASY TACK Spray Adhesive Repositionable 7020

7020 /14.0
Easy-Tack Spray Adhesive Provides a repositionable bond on most lightweight materials. May be adjusted, removed, and reapplied throughout the life of the bond. Low odor, non-staining, long-lasting tack.

10.25 oz
Krylon EASY TACK Spray Adhesive Repositionable 7020 Preview Image Shadow

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In 1947, a Philadelphia businessman, Howard E. Kester, revolutionized the paint industry and founded Krylon, Inc., the first and still largest supplier of aerosol paints in the world. Inspired by the DuPont Corporations development of a formula combining gas and liquid into a single spray can, Kester creatively devised a way to blend his coatings into a product that had many advantages over the brush-on method  aerosol. Krylon is the aerosol brand trusted for innovative, high-quality products and color selection. When you use Krylon, it's easy to take any project and Make It Yours!