Sakura GELLY ROLL GLAZE BASIC 10 Pen Set 38369

38369 /4.2
Glaze clings to most non-porous materials such as glass, ceramic, CD's and Mylar. The glossy 3D pigment inks do not bleed through most papers and are water resistant.

The roller ball writes a 0.70mm line. Dry time is 45-60 seconds. Weight of 10 pack is 4.2 ounces. Pack is 5 inches by 7.5 inches.

Set includes sepia, turquoise, hunter green, royal blue, gray, white, real red, deep green, black and clear.

UPC: 053482383697

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Sakura initially started as a crayon company in 1921. Disappointed that traditional crayon colors did not mix or overlay well, the innovative founders of Sakura began to experiment with different formulations to create an ideal stick drawing material. Over the years, Sakura has brought the world many more breakthrough inventions. Sakura of America is dedicated to the continued development and efficient delivery of technologically superior, innovative and safe products. Sakura products, promotions, and advertising reflect their support of individual expression and artistic freedom.