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Art Glitter ULTRA FINE METAL TIP Precision Glue Applicator 101018

TIP1 101018
This Precision Applicator fits on your Designer Adhesive Glue Bottle!
The Art Glitter Ultrafine Metal Tip is necessary for precision application and fine line writing with adhesive.
For Use:  Pull spout cover off Art Institute Glitter Glue Bottle.  To attach metal tip to spout, push down hard and twist.  Use the stainless pin to clear up.  You may insert pin in tip for temporary storage.  Fill vial with water and let tip self-soak.  Blow out water twice before re-attaching to glue spout.  If tip gets clogged, soak in hot water and remove blockage with pin.  Wipe tip often for fine lines.
You will receive (1) Ultrafine Metal Tip in a storage vial and one stainless pin for tip maintenance.

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Art Glitter offers not only some of the finest glitter in the world but also an exclusive line of adhesives and pencil-fine metal tips. Art Glitter's mission is to empower businesses and individuals alike, to use to best products on the market for achieving the most professional results possible.