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Best Craft Organizer WALL BOX 1 MOUNTING BRACKET 150wbmb

The Wall Box storage system takes storage solutions to a new level. Using the specially designed hooks on both the Wall Box 1 150wb1001 and the Stamp N Die 150wb2 storage boxes, you can make use of your wall space. The anodized aluminum bracket has pre-drilled holes so it can be easily screwed into the wall studs. Both the Wall Box 1 and the Stamp N Die storage box are made of semi clear plastic so you can see the contents and can easily choose the box you want. The Wall Box 1 is not only great for craft supplies but can also be used for puzzles, and other small toys, dolls, cars etc. Bracket is approx. 16 x 2 inches. NOTE: Screws to mount the bracket are NOT included. The holes in the bracket have been pre-drilled so that it can be attached to the wall at the studs. Be sure to screw this into the wall studs. If you cannot attach to a stud, you must use dry wall screw anchors which can be purchased at your local hardware store.
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