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Brea Reese WATERCOLOR INK Kit br35547


Brea Reese Watercolor Ink is quick drying, luminous and transparent with high tinting strength. You can use the colors individually or mix together to make more colors. Use directly from bottle, drop onto a palette or fill a water brush and begin creating your next masterpiece! Kit includes 3 Watercolor Inks (Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow and Lake Blue), Glitter Additive (Silver), Palette, Medium Round Waterbrush, Watercolor Panel (8in x 10in Canvas Panel) and a Project Guide.

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Brea Reese is not a traditional fine art company. Dont get us wrong, we hand craft the highest quality traditional artist colors, but that is about the only thing thats traditional. From the day we filled our first tube of paint, our mission has been to inspire artists of all levels to create amazing works of art.
The founders of Brea Reese have been creating craft and art supplies for over 40 years. Based on vast comprehensive market and consumer research, they discovered a need for fine art products at a price-point that cant compare to any of the other high-end fine art products in the market. Named after the daughter of the companys President, Brea Reese paints, inks and supplies are guaranteed to inspire artists of all levels to create amazing works of art  and to have fun doing it.