Chameleon SET OF 25 Color Tones Double-Ended Colored Pencils PE2501


Shading made easy; just flip the pencil to blend! One end has either a shade or a complementary color of the other end. These Artist Quality pencils are highly pigmented for intense color. The break resistant 3.8mm thick lead lays down with ultra smooth consistency and permanent results. Pencils are pre-sharpened and come in a case to keep them from damage. Includes a leaflet with suggested tips and techniques.

Approximate package dimensions: 8 x 12 x 1 inch

Contains twenty five double sided pencils for a total of fifty colors!

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Changing the way you think about marker pens. Chameleon Art Products is the manufacturer of an innovative new alcohol based marker system. Chameleon Color Tones Pens give added depth and dimension to your artwork. Easy to use and giving you total flexibility and color control with the power to mix and change color in a single pen. Easily achieve 3D and airbrush effects, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, blending and gradations - with just one pen! Create tones from just a hint of a tint to pastels and mid tones to rich tones; so no more color tonal gaps in your collection! The 20 vibrant colors allow you to produce over 100 color tones and with refillable inks, there is no need to collect 100s of pens, Chameleon Color Tones allows you to do more with less!