Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith BLUES Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set 285650004*

Blues, Serene to Dramatic Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set has 4 unique Daniel Smith colors, plus 2 true blues for seas and skies. These colors help create a huge, expressive range of blues from calm water and boundless skies, to active and stormy ones! Includes Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine, Cerulean Blue, Lunar Blue, Indigo, Sodalite Genuine and Payne’s Blue Gray.
Hand Pouring pans is incredibly labor intensive but offers the purest form of professional watercolor half pans. It takes 3 to 4 pours over a period of several months of drying to produce each half pan of Daniel Smith Watercolor. Portable and Easy to use. Perfect for travel, plein air, urban sketching and exploring unique color combinations.
Daniel Smith BLUES Hand Poured Watercolor Half Pan Set 285650004* Preview Image Shadow

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For over 30 years, DANIEL SMITH paints have been formulated, produced and packaged in Seattle. When you use a DANIEL SMITH product, you support a community whose passion for color and quality has fueled some of the most inventive developments in the art materials industry. Every tube of DANIEL SMITH paint starts with the artist in mind! Today, Daniel Smith Artists' Materials is a leading designer and manufacturer of beautiful Artist Quality Watercolors and Oils.