Fiskars 4 Acrylic BLOCKS SET w Storage 00007

00007 /8.0
Set includes one block of each size:
1 x 1 x .25 inch, 2 x 2 x .25 inches, 3 x 3 x .25 inches and 6.5 x 2 x .25 inches.
Complete with grid lines for easy stamp alignment!
Unless you're stamping while sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge on the foggiest day of the year, you will have no problem placing the stamp exactly where you want it! Whether you have five stamps or 100, this set of blocks will take care of most of your rubber stamping needs!
Fiskars 4 Acrylic BLOCKS SET w Storage 00007 Preview Image Shadow

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Fiskars is one of the oldest companies in the world. It began as an ironworks in the small village of Fiskars, Finland in 1649. Over the centuries Fiskars manufactured a wide variety of consumer and industrial products including steam engines, plows, and cutlery. Their mission is to deliver lasting innovative design for enthusiasts that empower achievement and self-expression. Fiskar believes that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter!