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Perfect for those who crave more control over their cutting utensils!

Our Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife combines all the best features of our craft knives — it includes a head that rotates 360º to help you cut fine details and intricate patterns without repositioning the knife, rotating your project or even taking the blade off the paper, plus an ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle for unmatched control, sensitivity and comfort. This specialized craft knife cuts intricate details on a wide range of lightweight materials, making it easy to perfect your next craft project with a minimum of effort.
  • Ideal for cutting intricate details on paper, cloth, chipboard, overlays and other lightweight crafting materials
  • Head rotates 360º to cut projects at any angle
  • Ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle acts as a place to rest your finger for maximum control, sensitivity and comfort
  • Handle shape prevents knife from rolling off the table
  • Included safety cap protects the blade during storage
  • Replacing the blade is easy and takes only moments
  • Two-packs of replacement swivel blades are available (item# 26067897)
  • Lifetime warranty
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