Kelly Creates

Kelly Creates PEACE Journal 343571*

The Kelly Creates Peace Journal is a customizable, creative outlet for lettering novices and pros alike! Use the sheets provided to practice Kelly's C.A.L.M approach (Create, Art, Love, Make), and take time to reflect, dream, and plan! This journal is an A5, D-ring binder with dotted pages for practicing, sketching, and journaling. It includes beautiful quote pages for tracing and undated months so you can personalize and customize dates and events, all while practicing your lettering skills! This package includes one Peace Journal with 100 double-sided sheets.

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Artist Kelly Klapstein is known for her relaxed, guided and methodical teaching style. Her distinctive teaching style makes the process of learning Brush Lettering easy, calming and approachable. As a letterer and teacher, she has come up with a comprehensive collection of pens, papers and practice tools. These tools are designed to help students progress from lettering novice to expert while savoring every step of the process.