Maker's Movement

Maker's Movement SOMETHING SWEET Shaker Sprinkles Set mmt215


Total Containers -3 jars

Approximate Size - 1 oz jars

Add these sweet Sprinkles to any card as embellishments or shaker card. Each pack includes 1 oz of the Rainbow, Confetti, and Pinwheel sprinkles

These sprinkles are non-edible and are made from a combination of polymer clay and plastic.

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Maker's Movement was created as part of the revolution of creators, innovators and artists who are embracing the handmade revolution. They find passion in building things with their hands and creating things from their hearts. Maker's Movement is built on the words 'I can make that' and they are here to inspire and share products that can help anyone become a Maker, DIYer or Artist. Maker's Movement is in a world where a hobby can turn into a dream job, where making things by hand is more important than buying them from a store. They strive to become a community of creative people who inspire, share and create handmade art while offering quality products for all types of projects from mixed media, stamping, metal work and more. Maker's Movement is an environment that fosters creativity and creation through product offerings, sharing spaces and digital content.