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Royal Talens ECOLINE BRUSH PEN Set of 10 Watercolor Pens 11509002*


The fabulously bright and concentrated colors of Ecoline Watercolor Ink in the form of brush pens. Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colors of this liquid watercolor paint bring every piece of art to life. Good adhesion to water color and drawing paper and board. It is not waterproof when dry, so you can work on it “further” by wetting what is dry once more.
You will be delighted with the high contrast colors bringing vibrantly rich and seemingly living color to your fingertips in the form of a watercolor brush pens.
Dye based ink mixed with gum arabic, odorless, flexible brush nib. Using the special Brush Pen blender (sold separately), colors can be mixed or subdued, and some wonderful wash effects and color transitions can be created.  
Colors include Lemon yellow, yellow ochre, deep orange, scarlet, magenta, blue violet, ultramarine dp, sky blue cyan, green, black

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