Speedball 2 BRAYER Soft Rubber Roller 41271

41271 /4.1 /0246
Speedball's Soft Rubber Brayer has a smooth, soft rubber, removable roller mounted on a sturdy metal core.

The natural rubber roller has superior ink holding and ink distributing abilities.

This Pop-in brayer and roller system is easy to assemble and easy to clean. 

Roller is 2 inches wide.
Speedball 2 BRAYER Soft Rubber Roller 41271 Preview Image Shadow

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Somewhere, the spirit of C. Howard Hunt must be beaming with pride because the pens his company began to manufacture in 1899 are still being produced. Whats more, the company, now called Speedball after its famous dip pens, is alive and healthy. Speedball Art Products is much more than pens. The associates produce a complete line of block printing and screen printing supplies, drawing pens, acrylic paints, watercolor palettes to keep mixed paints fresh between sessions, and Speedy Stamp. The mission of Speedball Art Products Company is to provide high quality, safe art products that contribute to the creative work of artists, students, and crafters throughout the world.