Stamperia GLASS PASTE k3p36

It is a transparent paste, enriched with microspheres that give a grainy consistence, like the winter iced snow. Combined with stencils, it allows the precise reproduction of the drawing to hold its transparency creates on glass with elegant reliefs. Glass Paste should be applied with a spatula. It can be spread on decorated surfaces, as a finish, to make them more interesting or to create an ice effect. Can be use used on most surfaces.
Jar is approx. 100ml
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Stamperia as a brand was launched in 1995, when in Italy and in other parts of the world clear knowledge about the hobby world was still scarce. The first collection included stencils, stamps, acrylic paints as well as decoupage papers and rice paper a sensational novelty at the time as Stamperia was the first company in the world to print on rice paper. Everything you need to express your creativity!