The Lettermate

The Lettermate 2ND EDITION An Envelope Addressing Guide Stencil 771584


An envelope addressing guide for those of us that have trouble writing in a straight line.
Size: 5 x 4 inches
Material: Durable, translucent plastic for accurate placement on your envelope
Address Windows: Diecut windows for straight, evenly spaced lines every time

Fits a wide range of envelopes including square, A7, A6, and 4 Bar sizes.

Envelopes not included.

This multi functioning Lettermate features two diecut sizes for unique applications & advanced design styles.
Use the sizes separately, or combine them for added visual interest.

The Lettermate's top 3 lines are smaller than our original size, and are perfect for return addresses & postcards.
The 2 larger windows on the bottom, are great for accent words, oversized envelopes, or boxes.

The small and large windows can also be used together! Variations in size and text styles can help add visual interest to your design. The possibilities are endless!

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Between weddings, parties, well wishes, and thank yous, we sure do spend a lot of time and money sending out cards to our family and friends. The only thing more daunting than having to address 150 envelopes for your wedding, is realizing that: you only have one bottle of wine, you cannot write in a straight line to save your life, and you suddenly hate your handwriting! KC is a stationery designer from Auburn, California who has had countless brides, friends, and fellow DIYers come to her in search of a solution to this stylistic dilemma. Well folks, worry no more! KC would like to introduce you to The Lettermate!