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Therm O Web STENCIL PAL Deco Foil Tool 5547


Deco Foil Stencil Pal is the ulltimate tool to easily and effortlessly apply Deco Foil Transfer Gel or Metallix Gel to your projects! The wide width allows for larger coverage area, making stenciling even easier! Simply apply the medium of choice to the stencil pal and then spread over the surface you're working with. Clean immediately after using with soap and water.

Package contains two pieces approximately 3.75 x 5.2 inches each.

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For over 40 years Therm O Web has served as a prominent adhesive manufacturer across the world. Therm O Web, a family owned company, began to explore the craft and fabric markets in the early 80s. Based on the findings, Therm O Web launched a family of Iron-On Adhesives branded HeatnBond in the fall of 1989, which was an overnight success! The success of HeatnBond led Therm O Web to expand their adhesive line in the fast growing hobby and scrapbooking markets. Therm O Web has since crafted many family brands such as... HeatnBond, ZotsTM, SuperTapeTM, Sticky Dots, PeelnStick, Memory Tape Runner XL and so much more!