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Tim Holtz Idea-ology FOLIAGE Flowers Leaves Hardware Metal TH92788

TH92788 /1.6
Foliage:  the representation of leaves and flowers as formed metal architectural ornaments.
Tim Holtz admits, he is not much of a flower guy - that's simply because there wasn't the right kind of flower out there - until now.  These metal foliage pieces allow you to design your own bouquet of creative style.  Mix and match the various antique finishes and embossed metal textures to assemble the perfect adornment for your paper craft, wearable jewelry projects to add a touch of nature's artistry...
You will receive 12 Flowers and 6 Leaves (1 set of each antique finish - nickel, brass, and copper).  The smallest pieces measure approximately 3/8 inch and the largest pieces at about 1 inch.  Also included are 18 coordinating Long Fasteners.
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As a crafter in the industry since 2000, Tim Holtz enjoys the creative process of making things as well as playing an integral part in the development and design of cutting edge products. Tim designs unique papercraft embellishments, papers and tools with a vintage appeal in his Idea-ology line.