Tonic MASKING FLUID Nuvo 969n

Easily add contrast to your project with Nuvo Masking Fluid such as highlights, edges, snow spots, and white lines, and preserve areas of untouched paper with the precision nozzle that would be too tiny or complex to work around.  Apply to a clean dry surface and wait for the fluid to be thoroughly dry.  For use with a large variety of mediums including inks and watercolors, simply remove the masking fluid from the paper with a soft rubber or gently rubbing with your fingertips to reveal an untouched pristine section below.
45ml, 1.5 fl. oz bottle

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Tonic Studios was established in 2001, initially focusing on stationery, office, paper crafts, and garden hand tools in collaboration with other brands. Tonic Studios later entered the market using its own brand. Tonic Studios has consistently grown and innovated product ranges into craft tool markets around the world!