Tonic MIDTONE COLLECTION Alcohol Markers 24 Set Nuvo 351n


The alcohol-based Nuvo Marker Pens come in brilliantly vibrant colours and are ideal for blending with similar shades or use alongside the Blending Pen to create gradients and other stunning effects.

The dual-tip of each pen contains both fine detail and a chisel nib, making them a superb option for colouring stamped images. The tapered body ensures a comfortable hold with either the thick or thin end, allowing you to use with optimum creative results.

24 markers included: 436n, 434n, 420n, 497n, 466n, 389n, 409n, 408n, 413n, 412n, 361n, 404n, 387n, 472n, 473n, 463n, 461n, 478n, 374n, 373n, 449n, 479n, 476n, 487n

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