Tsukineko DOODLESTIX Silicone-Tipped Tools CTDOO005

The ideal assortment of mixed media tools for creating texture, fine details and moving mediums to your projects! Shape, move, carve and remove a variety of wet materials including Creative Medium, inks, pastes, gel mediums, paints and polymer clay. Soft, flexible, nonstick silicone tips resist staining and are easily cleaned.
Package contains one angle chisel tool, one cup chisel tool, one flat chisel tool, one taper point tool and one cup round tool.

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Since being founded in 1952, Tsukineko has always strived to be the leading manufacturer of high-quality inks and ink pads. In 1982, Tsukineko introduced the very first water-based pigment ink pad which was met with widespread enthusiasm by the crafting industry. This pigment ink pad led to the development of the at-the-time revolutionary multi-color stamp which then led to the creation of a myriad of other inks! Tsukineko's mission is to create inks that excel in quality-in performance, colors, and packaging. Tsukineko is constantly chasing the next trend and responding to what you, their users, ask for!