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Viva Decor GOLD FERRO Metal Effect Texture Color Ferro911 or 132507

Ferro911 or 132507 /5.9

Viva Decor Ferro Metallic Effect Paint is a unique special effect color that delivers a real metallic finish. Use to decorate and enhance any art object, paper crafts, wall, cardboard, ceramic, wood, stone, plastic, and more. Permanent and weatherproof when applied to weather resistant objects. Use with stencils, brushes, sponges, etc. Typical drying time is a few hours depending on thickness, water based and non toxic. Ideal paste to put through stencils. Can be painted over with acrylic paints. Heat and it blisters or grows to add extra height.

1. For small surfaces, apply with a brush. For larger larger surfaces, apply using a modeling knife.
2. When Ferro is partly dry it can be shaped as required using a dry brush or a pallet knife.
3. Gradated color effects can be achieved using a wet sponge. Special effects can be achieved by using a stencil.

Jar is approx 3 oz. (90 ml)

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Viva Decor stands for innovative products for surface designs. The effect paints developed and produced by Viva Decor are mainly water based; therefore tools can be easily cleaned with water. All color shades of the same product are mixable. Depending on the product, different surface effects are achieved and have a multitude of combination possibilities. Highest product quality and stylish color coordinated decorative and effect paints offer a fascinating multitude of creations for your home. Immerse into our world of colors, experience the alluring luster of high-quality color pigments and let yourself be enchanted by unique structure effects.