Viva Decor

Viva Decor RUSTY PAPER Paint 207205

207205 /7.0
An exciting new color for creative designs in vintage style. Almost looks like real rust with rough surface!
Rusty Paper can be used for coloring, stamping and stenciling, and can be applied to paper, wood, plastic, styrofoam, glass , metal and more. Rust effects can be achieved by wiping, painting, dabbing or applying with a palette knife. Clean tools immediately with cold water. It is weather durable and is not water soluble.
Jar is approx. 5oz (150ml)

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Viva Decor stands for innovative products for surface designs. The effect paints developed and produced by Viva Decor are mainly water based; therefore tools can be easily cleaned with water. All color shades of the same product are mixable. Depending on the product, different surface effects are achieved and have a multitude of combination possibilities. Highest product quality and stylish color coordinated decorative and effect paints offer a fascinating multitude of creations for your home. Immerse into our world of colors, experience the alluring luster of high-quality color pigments and let yourself be enchanted by unique structure effects.