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Ink Blot Shop Clear Stamp Set OUTLINE ALPHA inbl134*

Outline Alpha is a 4 x 8 inch alphabet stamp set that includes 84 individual clear stamps.
For size reference, the letters are approximately 0.375 inch tall.
Outline Alpha includes the following letters, punctuation, and images: A (x4), B (x2), C (x2), D (x3), E (x4), F (x2), G (x2), H (x2), I (x3), I (x3), J (x2), K (x2), L (x3), M (x3), N (x3), O (x4), P (x2), Q (x2), R (x3), S (x3), T (x3), U (x2), V (x2), W (x2), X (x2), Y (x2), Z (x2), ampersand (x1), period (x3), comma (x2), exclamation mark (x2), question mark (x1), semicolon (x1), colon (x2), ellipsis (x2), and a hyphen/dash (x1).

UPC: inbl134

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Ink Blot Shop, LLC stamps are clear photopolymer stamps made in the USA and are designed to work perfectly for card making, Bible art, and journaling. Ink Blot Shop products have a whimsical feel with a twist, and now include stencils, alignment guides, and more! Use Ink Blot Shop products to add a little flair to your next project!