Penguin Palace

Penguin Palace KALEIDOSCOPE Stencil 360 str013*


This stencil builds the most unique geometric background!  The best thing about this is that it is super versatile.  Choose to ink up the whole design, or just ink up half of it to create totally different looks.  You can even flip over the stencil for inking and you will easily create a whole new design!

The alignment marker on this stencil has a suggested turning interval of 60 degrees.  It simply means that after each round of inking, you will rotate your stencil while jumping to every second circle on the Base of the Stencils 360 Degrees tool, it's simple as that!  For those who are venturous, try spinning your stencil at a different turning interval, you will be amazed of what the gorgeous backgrounds you can create with this one!

Stencils 360 Degrees is a revolutionary line of products that will put a whole new perspective on the way you use stencils from here on out!  These special tools will help you create the most beautiful designs in the least amount of time!

Size: 6 inch diameter

This stencil is intended to be used in conjunction with the Stencils 360 Degrees.

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Penguin Palace is a small crafting supply company located in Vancouver, Canada.  They are proud to be the innovator of the Stencils 360 degree crafting tool, and specialize in high quality photopolymer clear stamps, tailored craft dies, stencils and specialty paper.  They strive to bring you fun, innovative and versatile designs in paper crafting products at affordable prices while providing excellent customer service.