Simple Stories

Simple Stories VINTAGE GARDEN 6 x 8 Snap Flipbook 16731


A snappy way to capture your colorful life! Simply add your own photos, mementos and memories to capture your colorful, one-of-a- kind life in a snap! 

Includes one 6 x 8 inch flipbook and 10 pocket pages in the following sizes: 
(3) 6 x 8 inch pocket pages 
(3) 4 x 6 inch pocket pages 
(2) 3 x 4 inch pocket pages 
(2) 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 inch pocket pages

UPC: 810079980864

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Simple Stories loved the concept of simply inserting photos into divided page protectors, along with decorative scrapbook elements, for quick and easy scrapbooking and instant gratification. However, they wanted an even simpler solution for their busy lives. Instead of cutting, cropping, embellishing and creating their own handmade elements from scratch, they wanted a product that featured stylish, pre-designed element pieces in just the right sizes to fit those page protector pockets perfectly! That's where the Simple Stories concept was born and they're thrilled to now share their solution with other people just like YOU! A system that allows you to balance your hobby with your busy life and products that will help you share your memories in a simple, yet beautiful, way!