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StencilGirl BOLD ABSTRACT LINES 3 Stencil l909


Diane Reeves' Bold Abstract Lines collection was inspired by elements of architecture and interior design.
Of Bold Abstract Lines 3, Diane says:'I’ve heard the argument before: 'function before form' or 'form before function' depending on which side you occupy. But what if function is its own kind of form, and form provides a unique sort of function? This piece is inspired by the form of an Italian lamp hanging in a scrupulously functional house in Brussels, Belgium, providing warm light as well as rich beauty. Consider using this piece in a large, repetitive piece, coloring the stencil onto tiles of paper or cardboard, each in its own color, to generate a quilt of stenciled rectangles as a room-sized art installation. Have courage with this one, and go big.'

Approximate stencil size: 9 x 12 inches 

UPC: 810002696190

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