Zig Kuretake BLACK AND WHITE ULTRA FINE Brush Pen Set iktb212v

A fantastic set for artists! This set contains one Cartoonist Brush White Ultra Fine Pen which is 

Ultra fine, opaque white brush pen for highlights or corrections and a water-based opaque pigment ink and One ai Liner in black; This is a brush pen that is fitted with an ultra-fine brush tip similar to those found in eyeliner cosmetics, but is not a cosmetic tool. Please do not use on skin. This is a black water-based pigment ink. The ultra fine brush is elastic and has excellent maneuverability and control, and so is perfect for delicate expressions in illustration as well as hand lettering.

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Zig Memory System is an exciting, innovative range of pens, markers, and glues designed to give you all the options for preserving treasured memories and valuable archive material. Zig Memory System products are acid-free, lightfast, waterproof, fade-proof and non-bleeding. As well as the famous Zig range of pens, markers and unique writing tools, Kuretake provides numerous products to the sign industry, fine artists, graphic designers and the educational sector. You can trust Zig Memory System...designed with time in mind!