Uni-Ball Pen Signo Gel WHITE UM-153

UM-153 /0.4
The intense, opaque white pigment makes it the unicorn of gel pens. Ink comes out silky white, almost like correction fluid but smooth. Acid-free and writes with a nice even flow on paper and photos. Beloved by artists and crafters alike, the Signo Broad is known for its consistent and smooth writing ability. Perfect for scrapbooking and art projects. Light colors (white, silver and gold) are famous for writing very well on dark paper. 1.0mm Point for a Thick, BOLD Line

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To working professionals who expect their writing instrument to deliver unparalleled writing performance and a confident impression, uni-ball pens, are high quality writing instruments that set themselves apart by delivering superior performance, excellent design, and continual product innovation because they are engineered using high quality materials and are designed with a distinctive, yet modern style. Bottom line, you want these in your arsenal.