Faber-Castell GELATOS TOOL SET 770312

770312 /2.5
Gelatos are creamy sticks of acid-free, water soluble product that can be used in almost any way from stamping to blending with water for watercolor-like effects. The Gelatos Took Set features easy-to-use tool kits that provide crafters with an arsenal of tools designed to create unique, one-of-a-kind effects.

The Gelatos Tool Set offers six versatile tools for blending and designing with Gelatos Colors: The Palette Knife features a smoothly finished flat stainless steel end that is great for blending Gelatos with water, gesso, and other colors. The Blending Chisel is constructed with a sturdy foam tip with an elongated handle for an easy grip. Use this handy tool with wet mediums such a Gelatos and Aquarelles to create streaks, or use the fine point to etch designs into wet colors. The Stipple Brush is used for creating a speckled effect. Mix Gelatos with water and load up the brush before flicking it to create flecked patterns. Two Dot Dabbers make great polka dots! Each kit features two fun sizes that are great for creating dots, swirls, and other fun patterns. Also great for blending onto or streaking wet color. The Drip Dropper is a little tool for transferring color mixtures of Gelatos, paints and inks from the palette to the misting bottle. This is also a great tool for dripping techniques.
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Crafters can now design their crafts with the ease of knowing that their colors and mediums will work beautifully together. With pre-selected color coordinated palettes and a variety of unique mixed media mediums, it has never been easier to Mix & Match your colors and mediums.