Pentel AQUASH BRUSH 3 PACK Fine Medium Bold 25104

25104/ 1.1
Aquash is so simple to use, anyone can enjoy it. Just create a sketch, and then use the brush to blend the lines and colors. Or, you can apply the Aquash brush directly to watercolors and use them like paint. The brush is very easy to clean, just squeeze out some water and brush it on the sponge provided or paper towel.

This pack contains one of each of the following three Aquash brushes - Fine Tip, Medium Tip, and Bold Tip.

-Create brush strokes to fine lines
-Great for solid colors or powdered pigments
-Can use with watercolor crayons, markers, and pencils to smooth colors
-Durable nylon brush holds its point
-Soft, easy-to-squeeze barrel is comfortable to hold and control

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