Grumbacher MISKIT LIQUID FRISKET Mask 1.2 fl.oz. 559

559 /2.7 /0246
GRUMBACHER-Misket Liquid Frisket is a fluorescent orange colored frisket for use on hard-sized watercolor papers, photos and other media to mask areas that are meant to be painted once the dried frisket is removed. It washes out of pens and brushes with soap and water. Non-staining and easily removed.
Recommended for watercolor painting, photo retouching, airbrush friskets, etc.

Jar is approx. 1.2 fl. oz (35ml).
Caution: Contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
Grumbacher MISKIT LIQUID FRISKET Mask 1.2 fl.oz. 559 Preview Image Shadow

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