Prima Marketing

Prima Marketing WHITE HEAVY GESSO 8.5 OZ. Art Basics 961442

961442 /13.2 /05E

Texture: Heavy, white texture.  Full coverage with more than one layer.  Dries permanent with a matte finish.  Similar to chalkboard paint.  Application: can be applied with a palette knife, texture tool, or a brush.  Works well with stencils.  Will provide a slight resist to non-permanent color products.  Heavy gesso is great for covering / preparing a background for art mediums.  Air dry or speed up drying time with a heat tool.  Decorate: great for painting flat surfaces.  Neutralizes colors on previously painted surfaces to provide a new painting base. Embellishments: apply with a brush and let dry before coloring.  Fantastic for collage and journaling, fortifies the surface and prevents soaking.  Customize: great for mixing with acrylic paint to create a white-washed, colored gesso.

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Prima Marketing, Inc. is an established leader in flower embellishments in the scrapbooking and crafting industries. Prima flowers are hand-made by skilled artisans, never by machine, to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship available. Prima sophisticated and trendsetting crystal swirls designs in rhinestones and pearls are as breathtaking as our flowers. The romantic scrapbooking papers and embellishments are full of gorgeous, eye-catching colors and textures. Prima tries to spark your imagination as their products are used in your scrapbooking, card, home decor or mixed media projects.