Tsukineko Stazon JET BLACK Studio Glaze SZSTG31*


Water-based pigment ink, which creates a stained glass effect. Works on paper, glass, acrylic, metal, paper, wood and other non-porous surfaces. Does not require oven baking. Apply directly from the bottle or use with a variety of tools such as DoodleStix and BrushStix. Try it with your favorite stencils
Bottle is approx. 0.875oz (25ml)

    •    Shake bottle vigorously before each use
    •    Store at room temperature out of direct light
    •    Wipe nozzle after each use and replace cap immediately
    •    Drying time can be reduced with thin applications or by lightly heating with a heat gun from a distance
    •    Not dishwasher or food safe
    •    Not intended for use on items meant for extended outdoor or water exposure

Tsukineko Stazon JET BLACK Studio Glaze SZSTG31* Preview Image Shadow

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