Zig Clean Color 48 SET FB Felt Nib FB6000T48V*


Felt nib high quality ink!! Can be used in comics and illustration, etc. Markers contain water-based die ink.

Colors include: 999 Blender, 028 Pale Pink, 201 Pink Haze, 025 Pink, 027 Dark Pink, 202 Peach Pink, 222 Pink Flamingo, 024 Wine Red, 022 Carmine Red, 240 Deep Scarlet, 070 Orange, 052 Bright Yellow, 054 Pale Orange, 055 Pale Yellow, 050 Yellow, 051 Lemon Yellow, 049 Green Shadow, 045 Pale Green, 041 Light Green, 047 May Green, 043 Olive Green, 400 Marine Green, 040 Green, 048 Emerald Green, 030 Blue, 037 Cornflower Blue, 036 Light Blue, 302 Haze Blue, 806 Pale Violet, 081 Light Violet, 080 Violet, 084 Deep Violet, 068 Deep Brown, 060 Brown, 067 Mustard, 063 Ochre, 064 Oatmeal, 075 Brick Beige, 071 Natural Beige, 076 Medium Beige, 073 Vanilla, 074 Light Beige, 901 Gray Tint, 090 Gray, 904 Fog Gray, 903 Platinum Brown, 096 Mid Gray, and 010 Black.

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