My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things TOO-CUTE TURTLES Clear Stamps CS290


This 9 piece set includes:

Turtles (2) 1.875 x 1.5,  2.375 x 1.5
Bird 0.75x 0.6875
Butterfly 1 x 0.75
Flower 0.375
Slow Down and Feel Better Soon 3.1875 x 0.125
I Turtley Adore You 1 x 0.375
I’ll Always Have Your Back 2.5 x 0.125
Let’s Shell-ebrate 1.6875 x 0.125
All approximate dimensions are in inches.

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In 2006, Kim van der Sanden opened My Favorite Things, initially offering existing paper-crafting products that were her favorites, the impetus behind the Companys namesake; My Favorite Things. Kim then decided to produce proprietary products and debuted her initial lineup of Clear Stamps at the CHA Show in January of 2008.