ClarityStamp DEE'S FRIENDS BRAVE Clear Stamps and Stencil stape10690a5

Includes 2 A5 sheets of phrases in black and white, 10 stamps and 1 A5 sheet of masks.
Boy is approx. 4.5 x 2 inches.

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Claritystamp started out in the early 90's, designing and making see through stamps. Once you have used a Claritystamp, you will understand why they continue to win Best Stamp awards year on year- every year since 2010 in fact. Illustrated, designed and made in Kent, the garden of England. Claritystamp also created a standard for high-quality art stencils that are durable, sturdy and easy to manage. Featuring a wealth of designs in a variety of styles and sizes, our stencils are designed to be used with a variety of media and materials and can be used over and over again with no loss of definition.