Best known for its strong erasing capability and durability, this pocket-sized eraser glides across the paper. Countless professional's rely on and vouch for the performance of the Sakura Electric Eraser. Thanks to its AAA battery-powered motor, this cordless eraser weighs only 2.8 oz. At 12,000 RPM, the strong torque does all the work. A light touch is all that is required to remove marks. Designed for comfort and control, this eraser is compact for storage and geared for mobility. The motorized electric eraser comes with twenty additional white vinyl erasers for pencils, two eraser holders and two AAA batteries. Packages of eraser refills are available separately.

Measures approximately 1 x 5 x 1.24 inches.

Sakura SUMOGRIP ELECTRIC ERASER ee-3000* Preview Image Shadow

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Sakura initially started as a crayon company in 1921. Disappointed that traditional crayon colors did not mix or overlay well, the innovative founders of Sakura began to experiment with different formulations to create an ideal stick drawing material. Over the years, Sakura has brought the world many more breakthrough inventions. Sakura of America is dedicated to the continued development and efficient delivery of technologically superior, innovative and safe products. Our products, promotions, and advertising reflect our support of individual expression and artistic freedom.