Tsukineko Stazon METALLIC SILVER Ink Pad and Refill SZ-000-192

SZ-000-192 /2.5
StazOn Metallic Ink collection uses acid-free, archival and fast drying solvent-based inks designed for decorating non-porous and semi-porous surfaces. Especially designed for use on NON-POROUS surfaces such as plastic, metal, terra cotta, polymer clay, glossy cardstock and painted surfaces. May not result in a fully metallic effect on porous or rough surfaces. Be sure to test this and all ink products on intended work surface before beginning a project.
These ink pads come not inked with excellent detailed instructions on how to prepare and maintain your ink pad with the included re-inking bottle and plastic spreader. The combined ink pad and re-inker will be good for approximately 3000 stamp impressions. (You get about 3 times as much ink as you would get if you bought a pre-inked stamp pad alone!

Plastic box includes one full-size black foam ink pad measuring 3 x 2 inches and one inker bottle containing 0.5 fl oz. (15 ml)
Tsukineko Stazon METALLIC SILVER Ink Pad and Refill SZ-000-192 Preview Image Shadow

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