Judikins TINY TRAYS GT030

GT030 /1.1
A mini version of the incredibly popular Snappy Tray. Tiny Tray comes in sets of three (because one is just not enough). The Tiny trays nest when folded and are great for sorting beads, holding messy craft items and keeping your desk organized. Patented built in funnel makes it easy to return product to containers.
Tiny Trays come in assorted colors. Customer may receive trays in pink or frosted clear.

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JudiKins, Inc. manufactures rubber stamps and accessories and distributes selected fine art supplies. A leader in the world of art rubber-stamping, JudiKins has a reputation for innovative designs, techniques, and accessories. n 1988, Judi Watanabe soon to be Bostick, decided after six years of college and three months working at a job she was not good at, it was time to do a little "soul-searching" and started a calligraphy service hand addressing wedding invitations. Over the course of the last two decades, JudiKins, Inc. has recruited an extremely talented, hard-working team of artists and crafts people who strive to produce thousands of high-quality stamps and accessories distributed worldwide.