Lindy's Stamp Gang

Lindy's Stamp Gang LONG JOHN'S SILVER Moon Shadow Mist 12138

12138 /0.8
Moon Shadow Mists from Lindy's Stamp Gang come in vintage-inspired colors, all with a brown undertone and a gorgeous secondary color! Based on an Old Worlde walnut ink recipe. (Can be used on any porous surface) Mists come in a great 2 oz. non-clogging sprayer for beautiful spray application. Spray on the edges of projects and rub with a paper towel to give an aged look. Use directly out of the bottle to rub onto projects to antique them or spray and then dab up with paper towel for a softer look. Instructions on how to use: Add HOT water 1/2 way up the bottle, (filtered preferrably, especially with the stains), stir with a stick & let sit at least 10 minutes then fill to "fill" line & shake. Shake before each use. This will allow the colors to blend, and you will get the desired spraying effects. When you're ready to start spraying just give the bottle a shake like other sprays. Each bottle comes with these directions as well.
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Lindy's Stamp Gang is the creative ""baby"" of Lindy Plakinger, founded in 1996. Lindy was alway an artist in many different formats, but started her company by transferring her funny cartoons to rubber stamps. This quickly blossomed from just rubber stamps to color, color and more color! In1998 Lindy branched out creating her own mica powder lines, then sprays, paints and more. Ravishing color hast become what Lindy's is known for, with 4 different types of sprays in over 200 colors and just as many paint and embossing powder colors. Lindy's Stamp Gang is renowned in the industry for it's gorgeous, vibrant, two-toned colors available in sprays, powdered paints and embossing powder. Lindy's Stamp Gang is often imitated, but never duplicated, so come try our luscious Lindy color!